Top 5 Reasons why e-SmartSign is preferred by Enterprises & Large Companies

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Guess you would be aware of, Issuance of Form-16, especially with a large employee size, is best done with Digital Signature. e-SmartSign is the easiest software for issuing Form-16 with Digital Signature. It’s simple, fast and accurate. So what makes us claim e-SmartSign is easiest and best ? Having worked with over 100+ corporates and digitally signed 14 Lakh+ Form 16’s, the values we have delivered are as follows :

  • Automation of Form-16 distribution, improving accuracy - Form-16, being a confidential document should only be delivered to the intended recipient. e-SmartSign eliminates manual emailing of Form-16 by auto-populating the email ID with relevant Form-16 and pushes an email. This ensures Form-16 is sent to the right person, every time.
  • Collaborate to complete, ensuring on-time compliance – Irrespective of your payrolls being outsourced, in-house or run under multiple locations, e-SmartSign’s enterprise licensing policy ensures that individual process owner can independently collaborate to ensure timely and effective completion with minimal efforts. Afterall every organization’s credibility depends on on-time compliance, right ?
  • Data Integrity and Ownership – Unlike other commonly available softwares, e-SmartSign does not use your employee’s data for any commercial activities like filing of tax returns, cross-selling financial products, etc. Your employee’s data is always yours & owned by your organization. Infact, our solution does not even require internet to work, promising enterprise level integrity.
  • Multiple Uses, Single Application – e-SmartSign helps you digitally sign not only Form-16 but infact any PDF document. Organizations are using our solution to sign offer letters, appointment orders, Increment/Appraisal/promotion letters, invoices, purchase orders and much more. Save time, reduce effort, improve productivity to result in excellent cost benefits.
  • Business Class Integrations – e-SmartSign’s compatibility with SAP HCM module, ADP’s managed payroll services among many others is a notable classic proposition for seamless integration benefiting organizations with valuable time & efforts. Our offering of e-SmartSign as a solution than a software eliminates the capex budgets requirements which can be often complex & time consuming.

We hope you would find these quite acceptable to your business environment as well.

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