The 3 New Roles of the HR Professionals

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Traditionally, the role of Human Resources (HR) professionals in an organization is largely viewed as bureaucratic. These people are supposed as someone responsible to bring eligible human resources, provide training, retain employees, and get best results for the company. Their role was considered largely as administrative work. Needless to say, based on this traditional framework companies like LinkedIn are born and growing. However, with industrial revolution, globalization and the technological penetration in every sphere, the role of HR professionals has evolved. Its no more limited to hiring and firing or spreadsheets and presentations.

With the changes in market demand and technology,  the role of HR professionals has changed. A profession that was largely viewed as a pillar of organization is now much like a wheel of a car. It’s no more an static pillar but a rolling wheel responsible to drive the organizational growth. Since decades, the HR professionals are adapting to changes and carrying new responsibilities.

Here are 3 new roles of the HR professionals

Strategic Growth Partner

The HR Professionals now need to see themselves as strategic growth partner of the company. They need to be the change makers. Responsibilities are not only limited to hiring people and maintaining payroll of the employees but more development and mutual success. An eligible HR must be vibrant enough to find out the methods including resources that can help an organization in functioning well.

The HR professionals as strategic growth partner involves in business strategy making, support and development of the company. They not only work on the mission of the company but take active part and offer support in meeting objectives and goals. They possess immense knowledge of the framework in which human resources put their 100% and drive growth.

The HR persons need to think about them as business persons; they need to hire, educate and retain employees those can give not one, two or three times but ten times more to a company. At the same time, they need to take equal care for the employees interests so they feel valued, motivated and may contribute tirelessly.

Contribution happens when you aim for something high.

Once one of my office colleague asked why you work so hard despite you get same salary like all of us. I told her, I am not here for earning money, I am here to learn business and that is my ROI.

When HR team thinks as partners, they build team of partners and not merely workers on the desks.

Employee Happiness Agent

It is people who make companies and not the other way around. Eliminate human factor from any company, now see, how it looks?  Is it a company anymore? Can it achieve a goal? The answer is No.

The integrated efforts of people from bottom to top make a company successful. The role of HR professionals is to grow human capital of a company and get back the rich ROI out of it. As a law of natural arrangement, humans need to be surrounded with happiness. They perform better when happy. Contrary to popular belief, happiness comes from small things. In workplace, employee happiness comes from a positive work environment. The HR professionals need to build and educate a team of people willing to motivate and contribute. A pleasant work environment has the power to bring best out of people. When the team is happy, every individual thinks as like a professional or stakeholder in the company. Then making a customer happy is a responsibility and not a task, designing a product is a challenge and not a job.

To build a team that may work together and make a company better and successful the HR professionals should be agent of employee happiness.

According to Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, ‘positive brings positive’.  A team of people filled with hopes and willing to contribute for bigger goals certainly will bring bigger numbers for the company’s balance sheet.

Ambassador of Change

Change is a necessity, it must happen with everyone and everything. Things spoil when changes not happen. From experiences I know, humans change sides several times during 6 – 7 hours of sleep overnight. Someone sleeping in the same position for whole night would end up seeing the doctor next day complaining backache.

An organization is made up of certain sets of beliefs and work ethics. With time these beliefs and work ethics grow old. Companies need to adopt changes to stay alive and in the competition. If a company won’t stay in the competition it will be thrown out of the race.

Changes happens over day and night; new technologies, new approach to bind human resources, new approach to bring customers, new approach of customer satisfaction and may be new means of employee retention. HR professionals need to keep track of changes and bring in positive changes time to time. Changes are essential for strategic growth and success of organizations & this is where a HR plays an important role. So, here we are – the 3 new roles of HR professionals.

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