Panel Discussion on “Creating Secure Workplaces for Women”

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Panel Discussion Akash Mahagaonkar
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Such discussions are usual for us. We invite our clients / known people who would benefit from the topic & share thoughts, case studies & best practices. I personally would have spoken at more than 30 of Relativity’s own events + atleast a 100 more as invited or guest speaker…. But this one was a lot different.

First, The topic itself was perceived to be very sensitive. Talking about “The Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act” is a make or a break stuff. I had to very careful and very frank – both simultaneously !

Second & the more important one, the participants were very elegant. It was they who actually made this a “Successful Discussion”. Lots of interaction, do’s & dont’s, debates – Hats off to the participants ! Thank you for making it a memorable one for everyone of us.





As promised, the reference files are as below :

1. The Videos : ( I do not own these videos )

2. The PPT :

3. The Checklist :
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