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A new financial year has begun and it is revenue planning, budget allocation the air. Likewise, it also means you have to settle things of the past – This is Form 16, in a nutshell. Dealing with employees’ tax withholdings and their salary, makes Form 16 weigh more than other documents. Miss out on compliance and there is no way, in or out. This presses HR and Finance teams to be hell-bent over issuance of Form 16’s.

Over the last few years, the boost in company size has almost made all employers digitally sign Form 16’s. One such tool is e-SmartSign, a software that nurses all your needs of Form 16 – Digital Signing and much more.

Exciting Features Of e-SmartSign :

Accurate And Compliant Form 16’s

As employee size skyrockets, there is a possibility of your Form 16’s losing out on the precision factor. With e-SmartSign, issue confidential Form 16’s accurately, to the right recipients, with no compromise on compliance.

Just Three Clicks

Issuance of Form 16 is actually this: For each employee, you would be 1)merging Part A from the Traces website and Part B from the employer’s side into a single pdf 2)password protect the merged pdf followed by 3)a digital signature. The software does the trick in just three clicks for you.

Highly Reliable And Super Fast

e-SmartSign can sign around 10600 Form 16’s per hour and boasts of a record of signing 13 lakh+ Form 16’s. Wrap all your Form 16’s at ease and unwrap the gift of time.

Data Security

The software does not demand any login credentials which means that all your employees’ data are intact within your organisation. Complete all your Form 16 to-do’s with our software that doesn’t ask for a network connection too.

Compatible And Seamless Integration

The software is supported across all OS platforms, compatible with all payroll softwares including SAP HCM module and ADP’s managed payroll services . So that’s one thought less on your mind now ;)

Lower Cost Value

To add to the topping, e-SmartSign is comparatively on the lower end. More reasons to choose now. Isn’t it? The software is free to use, while you are charged based on the number of digital signatures license usage. One digital signature means one license.

More Power To You

e-SmartSign delivers you the ability to digitally sign using either : PFX file or USB tokens. Of late, the latter is more accepted and preferred.

Not One, But Four

Yes, there are 4 different types of signature display options available in e-SmartSign. Choose a unique style or what suits best for your Form 16 issuance.

No More Manual Emailing your Form 16’s

The very important aspect of Form 16 is, it has to be sent to the right person, at the right time. This burden is taken care of by e-SmartSign in the best possible way. It automatically emails the intended recipient with appropriate Form 16 through both SMTP and Outlook

The Employee Self Service(ESS) Advantage

e-SmartSign allows you to upload Form 16 to your Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. For clients who have opted for payroll with ESS feature, Form 16 can be directly downloaded from the ESS portal by your employees.

Relativity‘s e-SmartSign has created a path, that is easy and safe, to sign Form 16’s digitally. This software is doing the magic for all our clients including Cisco, Hyundai, Microsoft. Being Super Fast, Super Easy and Super Cool it is sure to keep your Form 16 worries at bay this May!!! :) :)

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