Enrich your journey to a new Financial Year. Ideas Abound.

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Enrich your journey to a new financial year. Ideas abound. Dedicated to all entrepreneurs.
Akash VM

Dedicated to all the Professionals, Entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and business-men/women. Here are some ideas to a better financial year for you and the people supporting you! Myself & my team wish you a great financial year ahead!

1. Identify, validate & document your Growth Plan. 

The single most important aspect of a start-up is to grow, fail, correct & grow again. Every day, Every week. The real question is what does growth mean to you ? Identify them. Confirm with help of your advisors / mentors. Document and share with your teams. Now, that’s accountability.

2. Fix Cash Generation methods & figures.

Cash could be from customers, investors or existing assets. Find out how much you need (short & long term), where it should come from and where it should go. Usually the TOP 5-8 areas will account for 60% or more. With this, you’ll have a mind map of your cash generation for the next 365 days

3. Teams & Goals. Measure & Reviews. 

Our team is our enabler. A vision, a goal, a plan which has consensus & buy-in of the team is more likely to be achieved than otherwise. Empower, trust & delegate, with authority. Identify lead measures, KRA & KPI’s to be on track. Review periodically to check, if we are on-track. Course correct, if necessary.

4. Focus : Customers, Employees & Cash. 

We have countless things to do and may be a million things to think about. Business growth is directly linked to 3 key-stakeholders as above. Everything else is low priority. Automate recurring, redundant tasks/activities. On-board experts who solve specific problems or can add value to the business thought-process. Outsource non-core activities. With these done, your path to success is clearer.

5. Love & Be Loved. 

The most cherished and permanent connections are based on Trust and positivity. Believe in yourself and others as much. Help people succeed in their life and they will reciprocate in tonnes. Balance work, family & friends. Network with like-minded people, hear and be-heard. It’s slow and steady but has a profound impact on the people around us. After-all, the rabbit never did win. :-)



Friends, this is just a reflection of my thoughts and what I have learnt meeting 10000+ people, over the last 10 years.

Start by doing the right things to grow. Do better and grow more. The cycle continues. This is what me and my 65 member team at Relativity do. We help businesses and people, be successful in their finances. Why? Because that’s our passion. We love it & swear by it.

Love & Be Loved, isn’t it ? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Cheers & God Speed

Akash Mahagaonkar V

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