Diversity not an HR initiative but Top Management Commitment

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Diversity in workforce makes the bone marrow of an organization.  Tell me a single company in this world where is no diversity. Companies are made that way. What differentiates successful companies from unsuccessful is the UNITY in workforce. Best brains may come From any stream; any geography, any education background, any color, any religion, any or no gender and any belief.

In an organization, everyone is important, everyone is capable to do a remarkable thing. Companies need to trap the talent. Within an organization everyone should feel special, important and proud of working there. However very companies are truly capable in providing this luxury. Making someone feel special do not need any spends, an smile a day keep the fear away.

I started working with an organization (I won’t like to name here), after a month I was loaded with responsibilities both inbound and outbound. On a Saturday, team took me to a restaurant. I was surprised why these bunch of people are offering me a treat despite I am over their heads 10 hours a day always pressing for the more work. I asked them, everyone laughed and told me, ‘since you are here we truly enjoy working, we don’t get tired anymore; you always keep smiling, we do not feel burdened anymore and you also help us always. I was shocked knowing if smile matters that much which was never intentional but a polite way to ask for work. This association was so strong that I stayed with the company for close to 11 years.

What matters is unity and not diversity. When you give importance to everyone’s job others learn. There should be no discrimination on the basis of gender, color, belief, age or salary structure. I have seen managers who make team workers feel that manager is superior. No doubt a manager has bigger responsibilities than team workers; he / she is responsible for growth, attends many meetings throughout the day and make profit for company. However, I would call a team manager, an idiot box if his / her team members not felt guided and secure. A good manager lead the team; he / she is always behind you offering helping hand. Management is not about ruling, indeed its about inspiring your team to achieve bigger goals.

Goals are achieved when everyone is commitment, everyone felt responsible and everyone is willing to help each one. Workplace should be in harmony.

Keeping workplace workable is not only the responsibility of Human Resources Department. It’s the management that often interact with a team.

If management is not committed to listen and solve problems, no team can perform to perfection.

Management should be willing to listen, offer help and praise for small achievements. Management shall learn to say THANK YOU at the end of the day. That one ‘thank you’ shall bring your teammate office on time very next day.  

A good manager is one who encourages team members to share their problems before it turn out a complaint.

Companies across the world are victim of workforce harassment. Anyone may have a harassment complaint. However, this shall not happen in your team if you encourage your group to come to you and speak. Your team members shall feel secure when you are around and not afraid.

A secure team is 10 times more productive than a team afraid of team leaders, management or human resources.

Successful companies listens to employees’ statement. Do you know, Mark Zuckerberg the man behind Facebook greets everyone in the office wherever he happen to meet. Inside facebook diversity management is not only the task of human resources but a top management commitment. Look around any successful company and you will find managers are equally committed as human resources to maintain a work culture in diversity. Goals are achieved when taking care of everything is everyone’s task.  You organization is full of diversity and its no more only HR initiative but a top management commitment.

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