7 Effective Ways For Managing Remote Employees

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7 Effective Ways For Managing Remote Employees

It is a thing of the past when work meant strictly at the office cubicle. With growing additions to technology and global workforce being the target of multinationals, many doors have been opened to employees at remote locations. Roughly around 39% of companies embrace remote work culture. The surprising results of slightly higher engaged, more log-in hours than in-office counterparts have led quite an audience to bat for this trend.

Skin-deep, this may seem a fortune owing to decreased office costs. What is hidden is that employees working remotely do not come with a remote. Never curb employees, be it at office or remote, but still manage them. True, there are unique set of challenges for each business and there is no one single remedy. So, how do HR professionals keep a finger on the pulse of remote employees?

#1 – Boost Your Rapport

  • As employees working outside your office, do not share office hours and days with the team, make it mandatory to take an effort to know them in-and-out. Talk about anything, but business. Actions speak louder than words – Win over them by your love and care.
  • Use video calls as frequently as possible to improve the camaraderie among the team
  • Organise a yearly face-to-face meet for all your remote employees, be it at office or elsewhere.

#2 – Evolve A Culture Of Involvement

  • During discussions, big or small, trivial or important, loop in your remote team members too. Never overlook or feel lazy to take this extra step, as it definitely impacts performance and awareness of them in the long run.
  • Also, make it clear that not only managers have to be leaders, by default, all the time. Anyone can take the initiative of calling upon someone who should not be missed on a call

#3 – Never Say No To One-On-Ones

  • Though remote employees have shut office doors behind them, they miss out on a lot of things happening there. Be it brief announcements or any other information falls last on these employees’ ears. Compensate for this by scheduling ample time, probably a weekly slot of one hour and have a One-On-One.
  • Never cancel a One-On-One with your remote employees, as it is a factor measuring your attention and concern on them. And the longer, the better.

#4 – Respect Career Paths

  • As remote employees are self-motivated and more loyal, doesn’t mean you can take their career growth for a ride. Ensure they progress on the growth curve smoothly and without any bumps/lags.
  • Help remote employees understand career opportunities available, make no room for frustration due to career stagnation

#5 – Implement A Formal HR Policy For Remote Employees

  • Not all your employees can be granted remote access. When and for whom does your business allow the option of working remotely is a big question. Formulate a rigid HR policy with your manager and document this as easily accessible
  • Include documentation of various processes also in a shared folder that can be accessed by your remote employees. Give them the key rather than them knocking at your door.

#6 – Be Proactive

  • Always be a step ahead while caring for your remote employees. Communicate effectively and make your presence felt, though you are miles away.
  • Conduct frequent checks regarding their job satisfaction, what went right or wrong for them etc. Keep them on your radar at all times – let them not search for you

#7 – Build Relationships Using Bricks Of Trust

  • Dealing with employees, all throughout the year is a challenging task for any HR. The threat is higher when your employee isn’t at office. What’s going on at his/her end will always remain a secret unless you develop a bond of trust.
  • Assure them of your capability to fix problems and offer solutions, so that they feel
    comfortable turning to you for help. The trust factor is one that takes time to build, but once built, it is never lost – So win that!!

The concept of remote work culture takes credit for better employee satisfaction, rise in productivity, better talent attraction, loyalty to employer and is also light on the pocket. Just because your competitor is adopting this, doesn’t mean you should take a leaf out of his book. The real catch lies in determining the right person, at the right time, for the right position to work remotely. And then, it can turn to be either a boon or bane depending on how you hold the reins.

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