4 HR priorities you need to focus on this New Year

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Every year brings new challenges into our lives and it depends on individual ability to find opportunities in these situations to solve existing problems. With changing business environment, HR too is moving into strategic mode so while every challenge teaches new lessons, the need of the hour is to not get swamped by them and stay focused on essential priorities. In a competitive market with local and international brands vying for the limited pool of talent you need a foolproof plan to meet new recruitment targets and retain employees that are critical for your operations.

So here are 4 HR priorities that you can focus on this year which can easily be blended into the grand scheme of activities planned for the New Year.

  1. Attracting the right talent and keeping them
    Finding the ideal talent with minimal effort has to be focus of every HR that wants to take the organization into the future. While you can use both technical and non-technical to source talent that is just half the battle as finding the right responsibilities to keep them engaged and drive organizational growth are bigger priorities in a competitive business atmosphere. In today’s digital world finding and attracting right talent has become easier as HR can use social media tools to fine-tune their search. Talent retention is a challenge that requires interaction and engagement with employees to understand their needs and respond in a timely manner. Happy employees signify better profits and long term growth so make this your permanent HR priority.
  2. Nurturing engaging leaders
    Finding a leader tailor-made to suit your requirements is difficult if not impossible, which is exactly the reason why nurturing leaders from within the organization should be an essential HR priority this year. When a leader is nurtured there is a sense of belonging and responsibility within them that helps in motivating and guiding new employees that join the firm over a period of time. In fact a survey done by SHRM in 2015 showed that HR professionals regarded training and development at every level as an essential step to nurture future organizational leaders. If you are wondering how to go about this exercise then invest in mentorship plans, training sessions and effective leadership nurturing programs to develop growth oriented leaders that understand your vision.
  3. Enhancing employee experience
    As a HR you have insider information about common employee grievances and limitations of the organization with regard to personnel growth and are in the best position to manage the situation to enhance employee experience. With availability of current information on their fingertips, employees are now more aware about their self-worth and it does not take them long to make comparisons with peers with regard to salary and working conditions across the globe. This is where your responsibility as a HR comes into focus to engage employees to turn the workplace into a region that makes work an enjoyable experience instead of a chore to meet financial goals.  This “employee experience” initiative should be carried out with the help of both technical and non-technical tools to integrate employee engagement with performance management. Young millennial generation today is more open to non-traditional work experience so HR can experiment with modern productivity and engagement tools to improve employee experience.
  4. Collaborating organizational goals with employee growth
    In today’s global business environment it is vital to integrate organizational goals with employee career journey map for balanced productivity. With better analytical tools and reliable data resources at your disposal, multiple responsibilities of HR now are easier to carry forward as you can communicate effectively with employees at every level. Employee engagement towards organizational goals can be achieved over a period of time by setting up an open work culture of friendly collaboration. This can be done by rewarding innovative initiatives by teams and individuals in a transparent manner so employees know that the organization has their welfare at heart.

As a HR of a growing organization your priorities may keep changing according to daily operations or crisis at hand but be assured that the above mentioned essentials will help to create a better workplace in 2018.

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